Social Networks + Cognitive Analysis

One API, Multiple Social Networks

Easy Integration into Any Application

Take advantage of the large volume of data from Social Networks and use cognitive analysis to improve your application. é um serviço flexível e escalável de coleta de dados, com suporte a múltiplas Redes Sociais.

It allows any application to take advantage of social networks information. With a simple to use API, provides data transformation algorithms called IntelligenceAgents. Among other things this agents analyse social network profiles and its behaviors.

Developers do not need to worry about different sources of API and constant changes. With one integration is all it takes. Intelligence Agents


Data Collection

Data Collection

Publication and social profile data collected from several social networks and delivered in a single data structure.




Performance, Influence and social network audience and activity from a social network profile.


Cognitive Analysis

Cognitive Analysis

Natural language processing and machine learning for emotional and personality analysis and a lot more.

Information available to applications

1. Multiple Social Networks

Data collected from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube delivered in a standard data structure. New social networks can be easily added to support new project demands.

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2. Popularity

POP Score Index (Popularity / Performance) for general and specific social networks. Evaluated from the interactions received at a social profile. Used to rank social profiles and influencers analysis

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3. Language Analysis

Analysis of language tone of comments made for entire social profile, a single post or a single follower.  

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4. Social Network Activity

Information about a social profile activity at the social network. Quantitative metrics about posts, interactions and engagement.

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5. Influence

Direct influence of a social profile on its audience. Represents the real audience in number of people.

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6. Profile Analysis

Analysis of personal characteristics, likes, etc...

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7. Image Recognition and Analysis

Images analysis for content classification and categorization. Profile picture analysis help on registration forms and users segmentation.

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8. Active Followers

Information about who interact the most with a specific social profile revealing who are the top fans.

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9. Custom Agents

Specific analysis can be customized to perform businesses specific demands.

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Our numbers


+2.5 millions

Profiles analyzed


Different data points analyzed


Social Networks connected


Through one single integration you have access to several social networks without the worries of different APIs and constant changed.
The collected data is returned in a standard structure for all social networks. Your application receives one data structure and field names regardless of social networks been used. Make the development and maintenance easier.
Our API abstracts several tests and controls so you can focus on what matters most for your application. Easily define your source of data, make requests and apply one of our Intelligence Agents.
A faster and simpler development means lower initial and maintenance costs. You can deliver your application faster and thus start making money sooner.
Don’t waste time consolidating data from different sources. We gather all the data and apply the right Intelligence Agent delivering the raw and analyzed data all at once.
Having the data processed inside you create a lighter application and reduce server time at your side. Beside the optimization on technical resources you also reduce development time to focus on your business. Don’t waste your team developing what they can do with a one line of code calling our API. will grow with your business. The service is completely scalable. You can start simple and connect more sources of data and apply new Intelligence Agents as your business demands.

Use Case

Fintech Fintech
Marketing / Influencers Marketing / Influencers
Customer Service / Chatbots Customer Service / Chatbots
E-commerce E-commerce
Content Delivery Content Delivery


A Product of BeOnPop

The service is a result of 2 years of experience with our companiy’s first developed application BeOnPop. We realized that we had a great engine for collecting and transforming data that could be used by several applications and thus we transformed BeOnPop’s backend in a white label service.

Our Mission

More than making APIs simpler and available we look at social networks as a mine of data in raw state. Our mission is to provide the best tools on the market to lapidate this raw data into precious information but accessible to every application.

The power of Social Network and Cognitive Analysis in your application

Our History

  • 2013

    BeOnPop is selected for the first acceleration program at Ventiur Partners and the product is developed and launched for the end user for free.

  • 2014

    The first business clients start to use the application. We’ve launched the Brazilian Elections Online Ranking of 2014.

  • 2015

    2 Millions users added to BeOnPop on only 7 months. The company’s founders approach Silicon Valley attending the Kick San Francisco and shows BeOnPop at the Collision Conference at Las Vegas.

  • 2016, the backend platform that supported the product growth is made available to the marked as a stand alone and white label service.

  • 2017

    Partnership with IBM to create the first IBM Watson gateway for Social Networks data.


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